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Tweaking Your PSP Stuff You Can Do Without Modifying Your System

The PSP is a great portable gaming device, and considering its large library of impressive games, there is plenty of reason to have fun with it. However, there are times when a little tweaking is needed to make your gaming life a little easier, and here are a few things you can do with your device without voiding your warranty. Make use of the quick hibernate function Instead of turning off your system fully, just quickly slide up the power tab to set it to into quick […]

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The Playstation Network Goes Portable

Sony’s Playstation Network is considered by many to be superior to its only competitor, Xbox Live. The free service, availability of plenty of content and the sheer fact that it transcends the base console (the Playstation 3) are all major reasons to support it. Speaking of transcending, the PSN is accessible to the PS3 as well as through regular web browsers and of course, the Playstation Portable. At this point, a little clarification is needed. Since the introduction of the PSP’s web browser (starting with version 2.0 […]

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The PSP Console: A Great Gaming System!

The latest and greatest new gaming system has hit the market place and everybody, and I mean everybody wants it. The competition is great, as usual, to get your hands on one. The release date is scheduled for Friday at midnight and people are lining up and camping out in order to be in the front of the line and to, hopefully, be able to buy one. Sound familiar? This happens every year when new gaming systems hit the market. The hype and advertising that goes on […]

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Sony’s Psp Bringing New Life To Cooperative Gaming

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We all know the fact that the Monster Hunter series is making waves all over the world thanks to the fact that the PSP has got some pretty sweet WiFi Ad hoc gaming capabilities. But does the multiplayer adventure really stop there? After all, with the deluge of the 3D hack and slash adventure genre, it seems pretty hard to fathom that other types of games would also be available –but they are. And here are three of the most unique cooperative play experiences you can get […]

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Sony’s Playstation Portable Takes On The Nintendo Ds

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For the most part, the handheld console market has been heavily divided between the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. Together, these two devices literally controlled the industry, and despite the advent of app gaming for smart phones, game developers know that if they wanted to produce big games, it would be on either one of these two. Of course, there is a distinct difference between the two devices and while the ideal is to have both (and have access to both gaming libraries), one simply cannot […]

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Portable Packing What You Need When You Bring Your PSP

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The point of having a portable handheld gaming machine is so that you can move around with it. Bring it out during those long hours of waiting, and be able to send it back to your bag instantly without having to worry. This also means being able to bring your favorite games with you without having to carry a bag full of boxes, in this and many other concerns, the PSP is a great system to have. And here is a quick list of things you will […]

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PSP Countdown Things We will Miss When the NGP Arrives

There is plenty of talk about the Next Generation Portable –basically, the PSP’s successor. As much as we all would want to call it the PSP2, Sony’s official name for the new device is the NGP. And so far, most of the hardware features are proving to be quite impressive and promising. Despite all things optimistic, it is hard to deny that there will be a lot of changes, and most certainly, a lot of features will be missed. Here’s a quick list of some of the […]

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Portable Gaming Redefined The Top 5 Signature PSP Games

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The Playstation Portable is a truly impressive system, with hardware that easily matches that of the PS2 (which was one of the top ranking systems during the time of the PSP’s launch), many hardcore gamers feel that its extensive library of games are a must have for any real gaming collector. Of course, the PSP has had its share of critics and one of the most often raised points against the system is that it relies on ports of major console titles. We beg to differ. In […]

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Ad Hoc Party Multiplayer: Adventures With Your PSP!

There are plenty of reasons to love the Playstation Portable, and one of these is the fact that the device has its own built in WLAN feature. Just flip up the WiFi switch and you are ready to go online or connect with other players. While Sony has opted to not allow games to have multiplayer options via the PSN, the PSP does support ad-hoc connectivity –giving players all the more reason to meet up with their friends and play together. If you have been itching for […]

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Gaming Health Taking Care of Your PSP

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The PSP is a great handheld device; it has lots of games, great controls and can do a lot of other things (browse the web, play music and videos, etc). But as with many electronic devices, the PSP has its own share of problems. And for those who want to be able to take care of their Sony gaming device, here are a few good tips on how to ensure that the Playstation Portable runs without any issues. First off, use a screen protector! This may seem […]

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