How to be a Secret Agent

Here is a guide on how to be a secret agent with pictures.

Click on the M.


Click on Become a Secret Agent.


Click on Your Mission.


Click on The Rewards.


Press Continue.


Click yes to take the quiz.

Answers for the Quiz


The 1st answer is Honest.


The 2nd anwer is Being mean or rude.


The 3rd answer is Report them.


The 4th answer is Saying their address.


The 5th answer is I want to keep Club Penguin Safe.


The 6th answer is I want to help other penguins.

These are the answer for the quiz.

Penguin Mail

You get a mail that Welcome to PSA.

And u get the a Spy Phone in ur inventory.


Thank You,

Hope this Guide helped you.

Naveen1234,Vice President,
Club Penguin Hero

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