How to get the Rainbow Puffle by Club Penguin Hero!


Rainbow Puffle is a lot awaited puffle in the Club Penguin history. And let me tell you everybody is looking for this rainbow puffle which is rare and not found easily.

But a lot of people are using this term of rainbow puffle to scam out the Club Penguin users. We, the Club Penguin Hero team have found out the real truth behind all the wrong and right.

Club Penguin Rainbow Puffle Cheat is nothing more of a scam, rumor and a truth. Club Penguin has never told about this puffle and maybe they will make a puffle, but till today’s date there’s nothing more of a puffle.

Here’s one of the pictures that are edited by Photoshop or Paint for Club Penguin editing.

As you can see the rainbow puffle is edited. The colors are all of them. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.

Here’s a  number of fakes you should never believe :

Fake No. 1 – You have to be a member and secretly give $10 or more according to their needs to a Club Penguin Representative.

Fake No. 2  – You have to be a PSA Member and you have to click on all the levers and buttons and talk to everybody and make every friend in the room.

Fake No. 3 – You have to say hi to every beta member in the server and then you get a rainbow puffle.

These are the fakes you should never believe. We find the good and truth behind the real truth. If you find any other fake, please let us know. We’ll post it here.

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