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Playing FIFA Ultimate Team 20

FIFA Ultimate Team 20

FIFA 20 is EA’s latest in the FIFA franchise. It is the latest entry in the franchise that promises new experiences with the all-new EA Sports Volta Football, which allows you to move from stadium to street in playgrounds across the globe. The new game is set to feature brand new gameplay experiences, including user-controlled Decisive Moments, a brand-new ball physics system promising even more realistic gameplay, and more. Therefore, you can expect a much newer feeling game beyond its yearly graphical improvements. The new authentic game […]

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FIFA Ultimate Team Millionaire Trading Center Review

Have you ever fantasised about assembling your own FIFA Ultimate Team, complete with all the necessary players to help you kick ass in your FIFA game? Yeah, it’d be wonderful, but you’d have to be adopted by a wealthy father, sugar mumma or win the lottery to finance it. As is the case for most of us and unluckily for me, I have neither. All I had was a gaming chair with my imprint pressed into the seat and worn-out gaming pads that reflected my experience, but […]

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