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Golf Odyssey 2 Review: The Ultimate 2D Golf Game Experience

Golf Odyssey 2

Golf Odyssey 2 Introduction If you’re looking for a relaxing yet challenging golf game, look no further than Golf Odyssey 2. With its stunning pixel art, immersive atmosphere, and captivating gameplay, this game offers the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or test your skills to become a golf king, Golf Odyssey 2 has got you covered. Design and Quality Golf Odyssey 2 features delightful 2D pixel-art graphics that bring a unique charm to the game. The visuals […]

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Top 5 Android New Release Games for 2020

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

2020 might bring a new console generation, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t new experiences coming to the mobile side of gaming. 2019 was a year that saw Pokémon Go have its most financial year yet and the top grossing mobile game was Tencent’s Honor of King which made an insane $1.5 billion. Mobile gaming is not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are five exciting new games coming to the Google Play Store for Android devices in 2020. Plants Vs Zombies 3 PopCap’s popular garden vs undead […]

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5 Games You Need to Play on Android

Alto’s Odyssey

Sometimes there’s too much to choose from when looking for a game to play on your Android. It can be overwhelming endlessly scrolling through Google Play, so you end up downloading Candy Crush for the hundredth time. This list contains five games available on Android devices that stand out from all the rest. Monster Kitchen Monster Kitchen (not to be confused with Toca Kitchen Monsters) is a straightforward and relaxing game. It’s perfect for when you’ve got a little time to kill, on a bus journey or […]

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