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Honkai: Star Rail Embark On A Galactic Space RPG Adventure With Honkai: Star Rail!

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based RPG that has captured the attention of millions of gamers worldwide. Released with over 20 million downloads on its first day, Honkai: Star Rail has quickly become a popular choice for sci-fi enthusiasts looking for engaging combat, impressive visuals, and great storytelling. The game follows the journey of Trailblazer, an artificial human implanted with a powerful Stellaron, as they embark on a galactic adventure. One of the most impressive aspects of Honkai: Star Rail is its engaging storytelling. The game is […]

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5 Games You Need to Play on Android

Alto’s Odyssey

Sometimes there’s too much to choose from when looking for a game to play on your Android. It can be overwhelming endlessly scrolling through Google Play, so you end up downloading Candy Crush for the hundredth time. This list contains five games available on Android devices that stand out from all the rest. Monster Kitchen Monster Kitchen (not to be confused with Toca Kitchen Monsters) is a straightforward and relaxing game. It’s perfect for when you’ve got a little time to kill, on a bus journey or […]

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