Touch Gaming Our Top Nintendo DS Touch Screen Titles

The Nintendo DS’ biggest feature is the use of a touch screen along with a regular screen. This dual screen gaming handheld has opened up quite a lot of doors in terms of game development and its vast array of titles features some of the most innovative uses of the touch screen user input. Here are our top three favorite touch screen heavy games.

club penguin hero, Nintendo DS Touch Screen

Knights in the Nightmare

Combine a deep storyline with amazing fairytale book artwork and an innovative gameplay approach to tactical RPGs and you have got Knights in the Nightmare. This Atlus made “strategy-shooter” is the first of its kind. Making use of the touch screen, players must navigate their cursor across a bullet-hell of magic bolts and energy wave attacks as they zip through the full menu and unleash their own powerful magics and attacks.

Tactics, fast reflexes and quick wit will help players win through the toughest of battles. The story is pretty intensive –players take control of the soul of King Wilmgard, and together with Maria, mysterious Valkyrie, the two try to unravel the mysteries surrounding them.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The first of the Phoenix Wright series of games, Ace Attorney places players in control of Phoenix Wright, a young attorney who finds himself handling the oddest of cases. Much of the gameplay takes part in the touch screen menu. There, players much study various pieces of evidence in order to help solve crimes and win their cases in the court. The touch screen menu handles most of the dialogue selection and logic based puzzles that will progress players through the game.

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The story is well written and divided into several inter-linked chapters that build up into a single climactic final act. Those who fall in love with this game will be happy to know that there are also other titles in the Phoenix Wright series that offer a similar gameplay experience –with the exception of the Miles Edgeworth title that focuses more on the investigation part as opposed to the court case.


Now this one is a no brainer. When you have got a several cute puppies on screen at the same time, it is nearly impossible to not try and touch them. This is where the power of the touch screen truly shines. With the stylus, players can pet, stroke and poke their virtual pet puppies to their hearts content. This is also how you manage feeding and grooming them as well. The use of the touch screen in the game is intensive with many of the tricks to be learned requiring you to give gentle nudges on the screen.

Walking the dog also requires you to be attentive with the way you “hold the leash”. Overall, it is a very engaging experience. And whether you are tossing a Frisbee, guiding a dog through an obstacle or simply petting your pup for a job well done, it is hard to deny that much of Nintendog’s charm comes from the virtual interaction that you have with your pet.