Is Microsoft Developing Two New Consoles?

Even though no official announcements have been made and the Xbox One X (whose project name was Scorpio) is a relatively new console, it looks like Microsoft is already developing plans for future consoles.

Are these projects are the company’s newest gaming undertakings.

The project names: Scarlet and Scarlett Cloud won’t be the names given to these two developing consoles they are said to be the project names of Microsoft’s next Xbox hardware devices.

PS2 Consoles

At the E3, Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer, implied that Microsoft was working on not one but two consoles, stating that “Our hardware team is deep into developing the next generation of Xbox consoles”.

When this new hardware will reach market is hard to tell. Likely to be 2020, the time period when Sony’s PS5 is also predicted to launch. Scarlett Clou, the other console that Phil Spencer was referring to, may well be a game-streaming device as well as a subscription service.

A lightweight system such as this would depend on a remote server to provide the processing and graphics power and potentially would let users stream games directly to their TVs.