Halo Infinite Review: Refreshing Campaign And Balanced Multiplayer


Halo Infinite, the latest installment in the Halo franchise, has finally been released, much to the excitement of fans. Developed by 343 Industries, the game has been highly anticipated, promising a refreshing revival of the franchise’s principles.

The game features a campaign mode that refines shooting fundamentals and introduces a variety of unique alien enemies, as well as a free-to-play multiplayer mode that is team-based and features a fantastic variety of weapons that are wonderfully balanced.

This article aims to provide an objective review of Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer gameplay. The campaign mechanics will be discussed, highlighting the game’s shooting fundamentals and the unique enemies that players will encounter.

The multiplayer gameplay will also be assessed, focusing on the game’s balance, variety of weapons, and team-based mechanics. Overall, this article will provide an assessment of Halo Infinite as a fun and rewarding experience that is sure to please fans of the series.

Key Takeaways


  • Halo Infinite’s campaign features refined shooting mechanics, varied enemies and weapons, and a new grappling hook tool for tactical possibilities.
  • The campaign is plotted on a semi-open world with varied terrain and combat mission approaches, but can feel empty and repetitive with unnecessary gear unlocking.
  • Multiplayer is free-to-play, team-based, and balanced with a variety of unique weapons and tools placed around maps.
  • The multiplayer mode rewards players for participation and completing weekly challenges for cosmetic options, but lacks emphasis on winning matches.

Campaign Mechanics


The campaign mechanics of Halo Infinite are a refined version of the franchise’s classic shooting fundamentals. The game features a diverse selection of enemies and weapons, each with unique behaviors and tactics. The addition of a grappling hook tool opens up a range of tactical possibilities, giving players more options for approaching combat scenarios.

The campaign is structured as a series of activities plotted on a semi-open world, offering a varied terrain and the ability to engage in combat missions through different directions and means. However, the open-world sometimes feels empty as most activities are plotted at specific points. Furthermore, the gear unlocking system seems useful at first, but it becomes unnecessary as the campaign progresses.

Nonetheless, players can still improvise and adapt to make the most of their weapons and abilities, resulting in fun and rewarding gameplay.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Halo Infinit

Compared to other popular multiplayer games, the arsenal in Halo Infinite’s online mode offers a diverse range of unique tools that each have their own clear strengths and weaknesses. The game’s selection of weapons, from the basic assault rifle to the powerful energy sword, allows players to choose the best tool for the job and encourages strategic thinking. In addition, the addition of tools like the grappling hook and the repulsor provide new ways for players to approach combat and add an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

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The relatively long time to kill an opponent in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode also makes for more exhilarating gameplay. Each encounter becomes a battle of skill and strategy, rather than just a race to see who can pull the trigger first.

Moreover, the game’s meta-progression system, which is based on completing weekly challenges for cosmetic options, rewards players for participating in matches and encourages them to keep coming back to the game.

Overall, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode feels wonderfully balanced, and the game’s variety of tools and gameplay mechanics make it a refreshing addition to the multiplayer gaming landscape.

Overall Assessment

Halo Infinit

Regarding the overall assessment, the mechanics and gameplay mechanics of Halo Infinite are highly rewarding and encourage strategic thinking. The multiplayer mode, in particular, stands out for its balanced gameplay that rewards players for participating in matches and completing weekly challenges. The game’s arsenal of weapons and tools is diverse and unique, allowing players to improvise and adapt to different scenarios.

However, the game’s story feels convoluted and tonally unsure. While the campaign mode introduces a variety of unique alien enemies and an open-world structure that adds a nice dimension to the combat, the lack of incentive to win matches and the limited impact of unlocking new gear may leave players feeling unfulfilled.

Despite this, Halo Infinite is a refreshing revival of the franchise’s principles, with its fun and rewarding gameplay making it a worthwhile experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the campaign story tie into the overall Halo universe?

Exploring the narrative of Halo Infinite’s campaign story unveils a convoluted and tonally unsure plot that struggles to tie into the overarching Halo universe.

Are there any notable differences in gameplay between the campaign and multiplayer modes?

The gameplay mechanics of Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer modes differ in several ways. The campaign mode emphasizes tactical thinking and offers a semi-open world with a variety of unique enemies, while the multiplayer mode is team-based and focuses on balanced gameplay with weekly challenges for cosmetic options.

Is there any significant replay value in the campaign beyond completing it once?

The replay value of Halo Infinite’s campaign is limited, with only a few optional objectives and collectibles to incentivize players to revisit the game. However, the open-world structure and varied combat encounters may provide some enjoyment on subsequent playthroughs.

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How does the game’s graphics and performance hold up on older consoles?

The graphics and performance of Halo Infinite on older consoles have been criticized as subpar with lower resolution, frame rate drops, and texture pop-ins. The game’s visual quality is noticeably better on newer consoles and PC.

Are there any plans for post-release content updates or expansions for either the campaign or multiplayer modes?

Post-release content updates and expansions for the campaign and multiplayer modes of Halo Infinite are expected, but no official announcements have been made. Fans can anticipate new content to enhance their gaming experience, building on the game’s existing strengths.


Halo Infinite’s campaign is a masterclass in shooting mechanics, featuring a range of unique enemies and a tactical grappling hook that opens up a world of possibilities. The multiplayer mode is equally impressive, with a balanced selection of weapons and a team-based approach that makes for an engaging experience. Despite a convoluted story and tonal inconsistencies, Halo Infinite is a refreshing and rewarding addition to the franchise.

Overall, Halo Infinite is a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike. With its refined shooting mechanics and engaging multiplayer, it sets a new standard for what a Halo game can be. Its unique blend of strategy, action, and storytelling is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.

If you’re looking for a game that offers both depth and accessibility, look no further than Halo Infinite. It’s a game that truly lives up to the hype.

Halo Infinite

PlatformsXbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Cloud Gaming
Developer343 Industries
Initial release dateNovember 15, 2021
ModesSingle-player video game, Multiplayer video game
AwardsThe Game Awards – Player’s Voice Award
NominationsThe Game Awards – Player’s Voice Award, MORE
ComposersGareth Coker, Joel Corelitz, Curtis Schweitzer, Alex Bhore

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