Battlefield 2042 Review: A Muddled Attempt At FPS Battlefield Mastery

Battlefield 2042, the latest addition to the popular first-person shooter franchise, has been highly anticipated by fans and newcomers alike. However, the game has received mixed reviews since its release, leaving many questioning whether it lives up to expectations. In this article, we provide an objective and impersonal review of Battlefield 2042, focusing on the game’s new modes, gameplay, single-player campaign, and release across various platforms.

We begin by analyzing the game’s modes and gameplay, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of its attempt to encompass everything about FPS games.

We then delve into the single-player campaign, examining whether it successfully immerses players in its story and whether it offers a compelling experience.

Finally, we evaluate the game’s release across various platforms, assessing whether it meets technical standards and whether it offers the same experience across different systems.

Through this comprehensive review, we aim to provide readers with a clear understanding of Battlefield 2042’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to make informed decisions about whether or not to invest in the game.

battlefield 2042

Key Takeaways

  • Battlefield 2042 lacks a clear vision and does not commit to any single vision, which makes it a complicated offering.
  • The game features new modes, including ‘Hazard Zone’ and ‘Portal’, but Hazard Zone seems to be a strange, siloed metagame.
  • The class loadout system adds an extra layer of complexity to class loadouts via different specialists, and the game features new gadgets, vehicles, and weapons.
  • The audio design in Battlefield 2042 is a strange beast, with sounds emanating weirdly in a way that makes footsteps and gunfire hard to place in relation to the player’s position.

Battlefield 2042 Modes and Gameplay

battlefield 2042

The modes and gameplay of Battlefield 2042 are a mixed bag.

On one hand, the game introduces new modes like Hazard Zone and Portal, which offer fresh ways to experience the Battlefield franchise. Hazard Zone, in particular, adds a battle royale element where teams of four compete for ownership of data drives on a randomly spawning map. Meanwhile, Portal allows players to customize their own game modes and features remastered maps from previous Battlefield games.

However, the game’s lack of a clear vision is a major issue. Battlefield 2042 tries to be all things to all players, but in doing so, it compromises some of its traditional modes like Conquest and Breakthrough. The addition of a class loadout system adds complexity to the gameplay, but it only makes sense in certain parts of the game.

Furthermore, while the game features dynamic weather and environmental effects, the audio design is a bit off, which makes it difficult to locate sounds like gunfire and footsteps. Overall, while the new modes and gameplay elements are fun, Battlefield 2042 still needs to address some of its flaws to become a truly great FPS game.

Battlefield 2042 Single-Player Campaign

battlefield 2042

Featuring a single-player campaign, the game offers a linear experience that feels like a rollercoaster ride with predictable ups and downs, akin to a scripted movie.

The campaign follows a group of soldiers from different factions as they navigate through a world on the brink of collapse. The story is divided into multiple acts, each with its own set of missions that range from stealthy infiltration to all-out warfare.

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While the campaign does a good job of showcasing the game’s mechanics, it ultimately falls short in terms of storytelling. The characters lack depth, and the plot feels disjointed and rushed.

The scripted set-pieces are impressive, but they come at the expense of player agency, making the campaign feel more like a series of quick-time events than an interactive experience.

Overall, the single-player campaign in Battlefield 2042 is a forgettable addition to the game that fails to live up to its potential.

Battlefield 2042 News Release and Platforms

Battlefield 2042

Released on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on November 19, 2021, and offers players large-scale multiplayer battles, dynamic weather and environmental effects, and a range of new gadgets, vehicles, and weapons.

The game also features a single-player campaign, although the focus is primarily on multiplayer gameplay. Battlefield 2042 is available on both current and last-generation consoles, as well as PC, with cross-play and cross-progression available across all platforms.

The game also features a Battle Pass system and microtransactions, which have become standard in modern online games. While the game has received mixed reviews, it remains a popular choice for fans of the Battlefield franchise and first-person shooter games more broadly.

Battlefield 2042 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Battlefield 2042 compare to previous Battlefield games in terms of gameplay?

Battlefield 2042 introduces new gameplay mechanics such as the class loadout system and Specialists with unique abilities. However, the compromise on modes like Conquest and Breakthrough for the new class system may disappoint die-hard fans.

Does Battlefield 2042 have any significant bugs or glitches?

The game has significant bugs and glitches, including crashes, freezes, and audio issues. Players have reported problems with matchmaking, game modes, and weapon balancing. The developers have released multiple patches to address these issues.

How does the single-player campaign compare to the multiplayer modes?

The single-player campaign in Battlefield 2042 falls short of the multiplayer modes, lacking depth and polish. It feels like an afterthought, comparable to a wilted flower in a vibrant garden.

Are there any notable changes to the class system in Battlefield 2042?

The class system in Battlefield 2042 introduces different specialists that add complexity to loadouts. However, the system only makes sense in one portion of the game and compromises modes like Conquest and Breakthrough.

What is the pricing model for microtransactions in the game?

In terms of pricing for microtransactions in Battlefield 2042, it follows a standard model of offering in-game currency at various price points, with cosmetic items and battle passes available for purchase. The game also features a cross-progression system.

Battlefield 2042 Review Our Conclusion

The latest installment in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2042, attempts to encompass everything about FPS games, but falls short of expectations. The game lacks a clear vision and struggles to commit to any single mode or gameplay style, resulting in a muddled experience for players.

While the game’s new modes and gameplay are interesting, they fail to make up for the lack of a cohesive direction. The single-player campaign, while enjoyable, is not enough to save the game from its shortcomings. Additionally, the release across various platforms is not without its issues.

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Overall, Battlefield 2042 feels like a missed opportunity for the franchise to truly master the FPS genre. With a 2-star rating out of 5, it is clear that the game falls short of expectations. For fans of the franchise, this may be a disappointment, but there is hope that future installments will learn from these mistakes and provide a more cohesive and satisfying experience.

Battlefield 2042

ModeMultiplayer video game
PublisherElectronic Arts
ComposersHildur Guðnadóttir, Sam Slater
GenresFirst-person shooter, Adventure game
DesignersRoss Darvill, Daniel Berlin
PlatformsPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows
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