What Are CS:GO Defaults?


If you want to learn a new map together as a team, you will usually first take care of the so-called “defaults”. But what is meant by this?

What does Default In CS:GO mean?

In many amateur teams, “defaults” are also confused with the standard positions. But “defaults” are much more than the pure allocation of which players run to A or B. Instead, a “default” defines what the players run to.

Default In CS:GO

Instead, a default defines everything what players do at the beginning of the turn when they run towards A or B. On Inferno, for example, it is common for players on the T-side to throw up a Molotov to block the defense. As a new team, you can define this Molotov as part of your default. For example, if you want to throw a Flash by default to stop the CTs not only with the Molotov, the Flash Grenade also belongs to your default. Get an overview of the map here: https://theglobalgaming.com/csgo/inferno/

In other words: The defaults are everything you do on a map automatically and routinely at the beginning of each round. By the way your default is set up, you can adjust and change many parameters of your playstyle. For example, on Inferno you can decide to focus on Banana first and then on apartments at the beginning of each round. Since you’ll gain control on one side of the map and then the other, you’ll automatically have a slower play style. If you take both at the same time, you will play faster and be more susceptible to unbalanced fights.

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How To Develop A Default Strategy In CS:GO

Now that you know what “Defaults” are in CS:GO, let’s take a look on how to develop one.

Learn From What The Pros Are Doing

What you can do to develop suitable defaults is to watch demos of professional games. Write down how the pros set up map control and thus develop the ability to cast an execute, for example.

Demos of Professional Games

Variable Defaults

If you are more advanced as a team, you can take the next step and play more variable defaults. Try to take Banana in different ways instead of throwing a Molotov every turn. For example, you can leave Banana to the CTs at the beginning, put your focus completely on the center and apartments. Afterwards, you can still return to Banana and regain control.

Variable, alternating defaults make you more unpredictable for the opponent. For example, if the opponent knows that two players enter apartments every turn, he can try to look for a fight here.

Example Default Strat: Defaults On The CT Side

Logically, there are also defaults on the CT side. These are usually to prevent the terrorists from gaining control too quickly or finding entry kills early. For example, you can agree to always throw two HE grenades into bananas or throw Molotovs by default. Alternatively, you can define to always have three B players take the banana at the beginning. You can also adjust your default to the terrorists on the CT side if you see gaps in their lineup. This will allow you to rotate and flank faster.

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Therefore, to guarantee a successful CT side, you should definitely not just define that two players hold B and three players hold A. Instead, you should develop routines. Instead, you should develop routines on how to stop opponents’ rush tactics or get information about them.


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