Webbed: Swing Into Effortless Playfulness


Webbed is a 2D platformer game that has garnered widespread attention for its unique gameplay mechanics, finely-tuned swinging mechanics, and playful atmosphere. Developed by Sbug Games, the game revolves around a jumping spider’s quest to rescue its mate from a bowerbird through web-slinging and puzzle-solving.

Since its release on September 9, 2021, the game has become a fan favorite, earning critical acclaim for its engaging gameplay and innovative design. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Webbed, exploring its gameplay mechanics, graphics, sound, and arachnophobia setting.

Through a comprehensive review of the game’s features, this article seeks to shed light on what makes Webbed one of the best 2D platformers in recent memory. By delving into the game’s various aspects, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics and its overall appeal to players.


Key Takeaways

  • Webbed is a 2D platformer game developed by Sbug Games that was released on September 9, 2021, and is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.
  • The game’s efficient and smart design provides a pleasurable experience, with finely-tuned swinging mechanics and a balance between puzzle design and platforming.
  • The game focuses on joy and playfulness, making it one of the best 2D platformers in recent memory, with vibrant environments and a playful score.
  • The game has an arachnophobia setting that turns spiders into friendly balls, and also features a button dedicated to making the spider dance, adding to its overall ethos of joy and playfulness.

Webbed Gameplay Mechanics


The gameplay mechanics of Webbed involve the player controlling a jumping spider using web-slinging and object manipulation to solve puzzles. The game provides an enjoyable sense of mobility and momentum in its open and welcoming spaces. The swinging mechanics in the game are finely-tuned, making it easy for players to judge the arc of a freefall. This efficient design uses only two simple tools for mobility, making it easy for players to learn and master the game’s mechanics.

The game’s puzzles can be satisfying to solve, but may also be perplexing at times. The game manages to balance sharp puzzle design with the fundamentals of platforming and web-swinging. The game’s collectibles are pleasantly achievable, providing an additional layer of fun.

Overall, the gameplay mechanics in Webbed provide a pleasant and playful experience, making it one of the best 2D platformers in recent memory.

Graphics and Sound


Procedurally animated creatures in vibrant and colorful environments bring the world of the game to life. Webbed’s developers have done an excellent job of creating a visually appealing game that immerses players in a lush and lively world.

The environments are filled with foliage and fauna, and the creatures are animated to move realistically, adding to the game’s overall authenticity.

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The game’s sound effects are also noteworthy, designed to sound like walking on a pentatonic scale. This innovative sound design adds a unique layer of immersion to the game, making players feel like they are truly in the spider’s world.

The game’s score is playful and fits perfectly with the joyful atmosphere of the game. All in all, the graphics and sound of Webbed mesh together seamlessly, creating a delightful visual and auditory experience for players.

Arachnophobia Setting


A thoughtful addition to the game is the arachnophobia setting, which replaces the spiders with friendly ball-like creatures and demonstrates the developers’ consideration for players with arachnophobia. This setting can be accessed from the main menu and can be turned on or off at any time during gameplay.

By implementing the arachnophobia setting, the developers have made the game more accessible to a wider audience, allowing those who may have been uncomfortable or unable to play the game due to their fear of spiders to now enjoy the game’s mechanics and puzzles.

The arachnophobia setting is a welcome addition to the game, as it shows that the developers have taken into consideration the potential anxieties and fears of their players. This is becoming increasingly important in the gaming industry, as more and more players are demanding inclusivity and accessibility in their games.

The inclusion of the arachnophobia setting in Webbed is a step in the right direction, and it is hoped that more developers will follow suit in making their games more accessible to a wider audience.

Webbed Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the main story of Webbed?

The main story of Webbed can be completed in approximately 3-4 hours, depending on the player’s skill level and pace. However, the game’s enjoyable puzzles, collectibles, and open spaces provide ample opportunity for extended playtime beyond the main story.

Are there any additional playable characters in the game?

No, there are no additional playable characters in Webbed. The player controls a jumping spider throughout the game as they navigate the environment, solve puzzles, and rescue their mate from a bowerbird.

Can players customize their spider’s appearance or abilities?

Is customization a feature in Webbed? Unfortunately, players cannot customize their spider’s appearance or abilities in the game. However, the game’s focus on mobility and puzzle-solving provides an enjoyable and playful experience without the need for such features.

Are there any multiplayer modes available in the game?

No, there are no multiplayer modes available in Webbed. The game is a single-player 2D platformer where the player controls a spider trying to rescue its mate from a bowerbird.

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Is there any post-game content or replay value in Webbed?

While Webbed lacks traditional post-game content, the game’s enjoyable mechanics and vibrant environments make it worthy of replay. The collectibles provide a satisfying challenge, and the arachnophobia setting adds to the game’s inclusivity.


The 2D platformer game Webbed, developed by Sbug Games, has garnered significant attention for its innovative gameplay mechanics, graphics, and sound. Nicholas Kennedy, a Melbourne-based writer and journalist, provides an insightful review of the game, highlighting its finely-tuned swinging mechanics, smart design, and playful atmosphere.

The game’s mechanics are a standout feature, allowing players to navigate through the levels with ease. The swinging mechanics are finely-tuned, making it effortless to swing from one platform to another. The graphics and sound are equally impressive, with stunning visuals and a playful soundtrack that immerses players in the game’s world.

The arachnophobia setting adds an interesting twist, making it both challenging and engaging. In conclusion, Webbed is a must-play game for anyone who loves 2D platformers. Its smart design, finely-tuned mechanics, and playful atmosphere make it a standout title in the gaming world.

The game’s arachnophobia setting adds a unique touch, making it even more engaging. It is a game that will keep players entertained for hours, swinging effortlessly through the levels, and immersing themselves in its world. Webbed is a masterpiece, and a true testament to Sbug Games’ creativity and innovation.


DevelopersSbug Games, Sbug Games Pty. Ltd.
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One
EngineGame Maker Studio 2
PublishersSbug Games, Sbug Games Pty. Ltd.
ModeSingle-player video game
GenresPlatform game, Adventure game, Puzzle Video Game, Indie game, Shooter Video Game, Adventure
Initial release dateSeptember 9, 2021
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