The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

While The Green Life Is Not A Simple Life, It Is Very Fulfilling

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

With the ninth expansion pack, the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, every Sims 4 neighborhood from San Myshuno to Glimmerbrook is currently able have their own unique eco footprint that is directly affected by how you play the game. So should you decide to live off the grid and make use alternative fuel sources to move the eco footprint toward being green, you will see that as it is in the real world, green living is not easy to adopt.

You can move into a community of fellow collaborative makers with The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack. The concept is simple and realistic and as there’s a lot of places to dumpster dive for items as well as opportunities to recycle items that have been so far under-utilised. You also have the ability to create your own homewares and as well as clothing.

You are also able to reduce, reuse as well as being able to recycle! You can generate your own electricity with solar panels, wind turbines and collect water with dew collectors. Or you may wish to also grow your own food in a vertical style garden to reduce the carbon footprint you leave on the world.

The Eco Lifestyle expansion pack has an Eco Footprint system which is new and displays just how polluted each neighborhood is and shows the resultant air quality.

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It could be said that this Eco Lifestyle expansion is the one of most political expansion packs available in The Sims 4. The game’s developers make it very clear they are not making you to play in an environmentally friendly style, however you could end up seeing your Sims coughing in the smog of industrialised areas which as in real life should be an incentive to go green as breathing is good.

How Much Does The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Cost?

The base game with the expansion pack became available to play on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One systems on June 5, and has a price of $40.00.

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