Street Fighter 6 Sells Over 2 Million Units Worldwide, Continuing the Franchise’s Success

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) has announced that Street Fighter 6, the latest installment in the iconic Street Fighter series, has achieved a remarkable milestone by selling over 2 million units worldwide. This achievement further solidifies the franchise’s enduring popularity and showcases its continuous evolution.

Street Fighter 6 Screenshot

Street Fighter 6 Screenshot

A Legacy of Excellence: From Arcade Origins to Worldwide Sensation

The Street Fighter series made its debut in 1987 as an arcade game and quickly captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. However, it was the release of Street Fighter II in 1991 that truly revolutionized the fighting game genre and established itself as a global phenomenon. With its groundbreaking battle system, Street Fighter II generated massive excitement among gamers of all ages. It has been more than 35 years since the franchise’s inception, and Street Fighter continues to garner immense popularity, accumulating a staggering sales record of over 50 million units worldwide. Moreover, the series has asserted itself as a dominant force in the competitive world of esports.

A New Era Unveiled: Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 represents the next chapter in the series’ evolution, arriving seven years after its predecessor. It not only delivers the pinnacle of fighting game experiences but also introduces enhanced single-player features that immerse players in the intricate universe of Street Fighter. World Tour Mode, a captivating story mode, allows solo players to embark on an unforgettable journey through the game’s rich narrative.

To cater to a wider audience and welcome newcomers to the franchise, Capcom has introduced the Modern Control Type, an innovative controller input option. This feature enables players who are new to the series to execute special attacks easily using simple button combinations. The inclusion of this accessibility-focused feature has played a pivotal role in driving the title’s sales, surpassing an impressive 2 million units sold worldwide.

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Street Fighter 6 Characters

A Thriving Esports Scene: Street Fighter 6 Joins the Competition

Besides its commercial success, Street Fighter 6 is poised to make its mark on the esports landscape as well. Capcom is actively leveraging the game’s popularity to drive sales growth in the competitive gaming space. The Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2023 esports tournament, featuring a nine-company team owner system, will commence in July. This tournament will showcase the skill and talent of professional players who will compete using Street Fighter 6 as the battleground.

Furthermore, the Capcom Pro Tour 2023, set to begin in August, offers an unprecedented prize pool of $1 million for the champion, making it the largest prize pool in Capcom’s history. With the total prize pool for the tour exceeding $2 million, this event will undoubtedly attract the world’s best Street Fighter players, solidifying the series’ position as a pillar of the esports community.

Commitment to Excellence: Fulfilling Player Expectations

Capcom remains steadfast in its commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of players around the globe. With its industry-leading game development capabilities, the company continuously strives to create highly entertaining gameplay experiences. Street Fighter 6 is a testament to Capcom’s dedication to innovation, ensuring that the franchise remains at the forefront of the gaming industry for years to come. Street Fighter 6 review

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