New PlayStation 5 Console Announced

In a thrilling announcement at the San Diego Comic Con, Insomniac Games unveiled plans for the much-anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The game, touted as one of the most eagerly awaited PlayStation first-party releases, is set to swing back onto our consoles on October 20.

The developers revealed that the game would expand its map to include new boroughs of New York, reportedly doubling the size of the current gaming landscape. Additionally, players will have the ability to switch seamlessly between characters Miles and Peter during free-roam gameplay.

But the biggest surprise came when Sony and Insomniac Games announced a special edition Spidey-themed PlayStation 5. Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can look forward to a new DualSense controller, cover plates, and a bundle that includes the game and an actual PlayStation 5 console, all decked out in a unique Spider-Man design.

Spiderman themed Playstation 5 cover plates and DualSense controller

The console and controller feature a striking red and black design, symbolizing the symbiote’s takeover of Peter Parker. The front of the plates sports black tendrils creeping over the classic Spidey red, while the back shows a complete symbiote takeover. The same design concept extends to the DualSense controller.

Senior Art Director Jacinda Chew explained the inspiration behind the design. “The design was inspired by the in-game symbiote that’s taking over the console and controller, but you can still see some of the underlying red under the tendrils,” Chew said. “This represents the various ways players will experience the symbiote takeover in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It’s a constant push and pull for dominance whether it’s internal or external and the outcome is not certain.”

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Insomniac Games also shared some insights into how the game will utilize specific PS5 features. Players can anticipate experiencing sounds from bio-electric powers and enemy attacks through 3D audio, and the haptic feedback will bring the sensation of web-swinging to life.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 console bundle will include a voucher for a digital copy of the game. Pre-orders will open on July 28 in the US, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Spain , with the item set to be released on September 1.

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Anthea Gabriel