PC PS4 Xbox One

 PC PS4 Xbox One

Are you looking for another RPG with great graphics?  This old school RPG Moonlighter does all this and more. As the games player, a merchant, the purpose behind all your dungeon crawling basically still grab whatever loot you need whatever and you can carry so you can sell it in your shop.

It’s up to you to set the prices in your shop as you are given no clue as to the items true value is. You gauge your customers moods and work out whether you think your price tag is either a bargain, about right or way too much. This is the beauty of it, you can now set the prices in real time before selling a whole lot of stock and sneakily raise the price as the cash register chalks up the slaes.

The proceeds of all these sales give you the ability to keep fighting in new dungeons, this is how you fund your expeditions. You want to obtain better equipment as well as additional potions which will allow you take on tougher and harder enemies. These enemies in turn will drop more valuable loot which again you can sell at more expensive prices and get more upgrades to your equipment. This is quite an addictive little game.