Join the Tekken 8 CNT Closed Beta and Experience the Thrills of the Next Chapter in the Iconic Fighting Game Series

Tekken 8

Bandai Namco Offers Exclusive Access to Tekken 8 Closed Network Test

Tekken fans rejoice! Bandai Namco, the renowned developer and publisher, has announced the highly-anticipated closed network test beta for Tekken 8, offering players an exclusive opportunity to get a taste of the next installment in the beloved fighting game series. Scheduled to take place over two weekends in July 2023, the Tekken 8 CNT Closed Beta promises intense battles and a glimpse into the future of the iconic franchise.

Bandai Namco’s decision to hold a closed network test beta for Tekken 8 is in line with their commitment to gathering player feedback and fine-tuning the game before its official release. This beta phase allows the development team to assess gameplay mechanics, test server stability, and make necessary adjustments based on input from dedicated Tekken enthusiasts.

To join the Tekken 8 CNT Closed Beta, interested players must follow a few simple steps. First, they need to visit the official Bandai Namco website and navigate to the registration page. There, participants will be prompted to provide relevant information, such as their preferred gaming platform and region. It is crucial to register as soon as possible, as spaces are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The closed network test beta will be conducted in two phases, each focusing on specific platforms. The first week will be dedicated exclusively to PlayStation 5 players. This initial phase allows PlayStation users to experience Tekken 8’s cutting-edge graphics, high-definition character models, and immersive gameplay firsthand.

Following the PlayStation-centric week, Bandai Namco will open the Tekken 8 CNT Closed Beta to players on other platforms. While specific dates and details are yet to be announced, gamers can expect subsequent weekends to cater to Xbox and PC players, ensuring a comprehensive testing process across various systems.

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Tekken 8 promises to build upon the franchise’s legacy while introducing new features, characters, and exciting gameplay mechanics. The closed network test beta offers players an early glimpse into the game’s mechanics, allowing them to provide valuable feedback that will shape the final product.

Bandai Namco’s decision to involve the community in the development process highlights the studio’s commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience. By engaging with players during the closed beta, the development team can address potential issues, refine gameplay elements, and ensure a polished release that meets the high expectations of Tekken fans around the world.

As the Tekken 8 CNT Closed Beta draws near, anticipation continues to grow among fans eager to delve into the next chapter of the iconic fighting game series. With limited spots available, it is recommended that interested players register promptly here to secure their chance to participate in this exclusive event.

Tekken enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly counting down the days until they can step into the arena once again and experience the exhilarating battles and intense competition that the franchise is renowned for. Prepare to unleash your fighting prowess and join the Tekken 8 CNT Closed Beta for an unforgettable preview of what awaits in this highly-anticipated release.