Forspoken: A Magical And Epic Journey


Forspoken is a video game developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix that takes players on an enchanting journey filled with adventure, magic, and dragons. The game has received praise from gaming fans, who commends its strong characters, flashy combat system, and beautiful graphics.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the story, gameplay, and world of Forspoken, exploring what makes it a game worth playing.

The game follows the protagonist Frey Holland, a young woman who finds herself transported to the magical land of Athia. With the help of her talking wrist cuff, Cuff, Frey must navigate Athia and its inhabitants, including dragons and other magical creatures, to uncover the mysteries of the land and find a way back home.

Forspoken is a game that promises to deliver a unique and thrilling experience, with its blend of magic, combat, and exploration.

Key Takeaways


  • Forspoken is a video game developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix, released on January 24, 2023, for PlayStation 5 and PC.
  • The game follows the story of Frey Holland, a young woman transported to a magical world filled with dragons, talking wrist cuffs, and magic powers, with a sweeping character arc that is redeemed in the game’s epic closing arcs.
  • Forspoken has an intricate and satisfying combat system that allows players to parkour-attack their way through enemy hordes, with a variety of magics available to Frey in her journey.
  • The overworld of Forspoken is technically a poisonous landscape infected by dangerous magic, but it is also extremely beautiful and appears to push the limits of what modern consoles are technically capable of.

Story and Characters


The article discusses the story and characters of Forspoken, emphasizing the journey of the protagonist, Frey Holland. Frey, a young woman from our world, finds herself transported to a magical land filled with dragons and witches. Her character growth is a significant aspect of the game, as she learns to navigate this new world and develop her magical abilities.

The story arc of Forspoken is built around Frey’s journey, and the game’s epic closing arcs reveal her true nature and the reason for her transportation to the magical world. Frey’s character development is a central theme of Forspoken, and the game’s narrative builds around her journey.

While the story wobbles in places, Frey’s impact as a protagonist remains strong. Her growth as a character is well-developed, and her journey is ultimately redeemed in the game’s epic closing arcs. The character arc of Frey Holland is a significant aspect of Forspoken, and the game’s story is built around her development as a character.

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Gameplay and Combat


Players can seamlessly integrate parkour and combat in Forspoken, like a well-choreographed dance routine, with each magic ability feeling like a new move in their arsenal.

The game’s combat system is intricate and satisfying, allowing players to traverse through the game’s open world and defeat enemy hordes.

The variety of spells and abilities available to Frey, thanks to the magic of Cuff and the corrupted evil of the Tanta witches, allows for a diverse range of playstyles that cater to different preferences.

The game’s pace is impressively fast, with the entire journey taking around 12-15 hours, making it perfect for those looking for an engaging and thrilling gameplay experience.

However, while the combat system is a highlight of the game, the open world often feels unnecessary.

The world feels like it is primarily designed for combat encounters, with only minor upgrades available in the darker corners of the map.

This can make spending time in the world feel fruitless at times, and the lack of meaningful exploration opportunities may disappoint players looking for a more immersive experience.

Nevertheless, the breathtaking graphics and diverse landscapes of Athia make up for the lack of exploration opportunities, providing players with a visually stunning backdrop for their combat adventures.

World and Graphics


Athia’s landscapes are diverse and visually stunning, featuring dense trees, purple forests, red lava pits, sandy oases, and flowing oceans that push the limits of what modern consoles are technically capable of. The attention to detail in the environment design is evident, and the world-building is immersive, making exploration a rewarding experience.

The game’s use of lighting, particle effects, and weather effects add to the overall sense of immersion and make Athia feel like a living and breathing world.

The graphics of Forspoken are impressive, with high-quality character models, vibrant colors, and detailed textures. The game’s use of motion capture technology brings the characters to life, and their movements and expressions are fluid and natural.

The graphics are further enhanced by the game’s fast-paced gameplay, which allows for seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay.

Overall, Forspoken’s world and graphics are a testament to the technical capabilities of modern consoles and a feast for the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the Forspoken video game?

The price of Forspoken video game is not mentioned in the reviewed article. Further research is required to determine the current market price of the game for PlayStation 5 and PC platforms.

Are there any multiplayer options in Forspoken?

There are currently no known multiplayer options in Forspoken. The game focuses on a single-player narrative-driven experience with no mention of any multiplayer modes or features.

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Can players customize Frey’s appearance or abilities?

Players cannot customize Frey’s appearance or abilities in Forspoken. The game focuses on the story of Frey, her growth, and her journey through a magical world filled with dragons and magic powers. The game’s intricate combat system and beautiful overworld add to the overall immersive experience.

Is there any post-game content in Forspoken?

There is no information available on post-game content in Forspoken.

What is the age rating for Forspoken?

Forspoken has been rated Mature 17+ by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) due to its violent content, strong language, and suggestive themes. It is not suitable for children under the age of 17.


In conclusion, Forspoken is a video game that takes players on a thrilling adventure filled with magic, dragons, and powerful spells. The game’s story and characters are well-developed, and the gameplay and combat are both exciting and engaging.

The world of Forspoken is beautifully designed, with stunning graphics that bring the game’s magical setting to life.

Overall, Forspoken is a game that is sure to captivate and entertain players of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of RPGs or simply looking for a new and exciting adventure, Forspoken is a game that is well worth playing.

So if you’re ready to embark on a magical and epic journey, be sure to give Forspoken a try. You won’t be disappointed!


DevelopersLuminous Productions, Square Enix
EngineLuminous Engine
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows
Initial release date: January 24, 2023
ComposersBear McCreary, Garry Schyman
ModeSingle-player video game
GenresAction role-playing game, Fighting game, Platform game, Action-adventure game, Shooter Video Game, Adventure

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