Cyberpunk 2077 Patch And Phantom Liberty Expansion Update!

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is set to receive a significant update with the release of the Phantom Liberty expansion and a new patch. CD Projekt Red, the game developer, has released the patch to address several gameplay and questing bugs, which have been causing issues for players. The update aims to fix problems with quests and devices becoming unusable, as well as addressing some longstanding bugs in the game.

The Phantom Liberty expansion will bring new romantic moments, a minigame based on the Edgerunners anime, and additional endings to the game. While some of the endings will be available only to those who purchase the expansion, some will be accessible to all players.

The expansion is set to release on September 26, and fans have already shared their thoughts on the latest update on online forums. This article will provide an overview of the patch and expansion, highlighting the most significant changes, and exploring how they will impact the game.

Key Takeaways

  • CD Projekt Red released Patch 1.63 for Cyberpunk 2077, addressing bugs in gameplay and questing, fixing issues with certain quests, and providing PC-specific fixes.
  • The upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion introduces new romantic moments, a minigame based on the Edgerunners anime, and additional endings, with some new endings not gated behind the expansion’s purchase.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 fans have shared their thoughts on the latest update in the r/cyberpunkgame subreddit.
  • CD Projekt Red has created a North American studio and moved the Cyberpunk sequel team to Boston, and Keanu Reeves is set to return for the game’s first expansion next year.

Gameplay Fixes

The latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077, version 1.63, focuses on addressing various gameplay and questing bugs. The patch addresses specific quest issues, such as those in ‘All Along the Watchtower,’ ‘Chippin’ In,’ and ‘Pyramid Song.’

Additionally, there are fixes for UI issues, such as the ‘enemy hack in progress’ notification remaining on screen, and performance concerns on Xbox Series X|S after extended play. The patch also includes fixes for some gigs and reported crimes, as well as technical issues such as color artifacts on surfaces with Path Tracing enabled and bright, colorful flashes on edges of certain objects with DLSS enabled.

Furthermore, the patch makes changes to the number of available save slots on Xbox and provides PC-specific fixes, such as a crash on launch when using Razer Chroma. Overall, the recent patch aims to provide a smoother and more seamless gameplay experience for Cyberpunk 2077 players.

Phantom Liberty DLC Details

Introducing new romantic options, a minigame based on the anime Edgerunners, and additional endings, the latest DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 offers players a range of fresh content to explore. The Phantom Liberty expansion is set to release on September 26 and promises to bring new romantic moments for players to enjoy.

Along with this, the DLC also includes a new minigame based on the popular anime Edgerunners, further expanding the game’s universe and offering players a new way to engage with the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Moreover, the Phantom Liberty expansion also offers additional endings for players to unlock. While some of these endings will be gated behind the purchase of the DLC, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that not all of them will be.

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This means that players who choose not to purchase the expansion will still have the opportunity to experience some of the new endings, albeit not all of them. Overall, the Phantom Liberty expansion promises to be an exciting addition to the game, offering players new gameplay mechanics and story content to enjoy.

CDPR Studio Moves and News

CD Projekt Red, the game development company behind Cyberpunk 2077, has expanded its operations by establishing a new studio in North America. This move is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to grow and improve its products.

The new studio is expected to work on future projects, including the development of new games, as well as providing support for existing titles.

In addition to the establishment of the new studio, CD Projekt Red has also relocated the team working on the Cyberpunk sequel to Boston. This move is aimed at improving the development process of the highly-anticipated game, which has faced numerous delays and setbacks since its initial release.

The company hopes that the move will help the team to work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a better overall product for players to enjoy.

Patch 1.63 — list of changes

Check out the list of changes below. Also see


  • Fixed an issue where selecting a blue dialogue option while calling Mitch twice could cause the call to be permanently stuck on the screen.
  • All Along the Watchtower – Fixed an issue where V gets flatlined after crossing the border.
  • Chippin’ In – It is now possible to examine all of the clues on Ebunike before becoming detected.
  • Gimme Danger – Fixed an issue where there were no objectives left in the journal.
  • I Walk the Line – Fixed an issue that could cause V to randomly flatline during the quest.
  • Lightning Breaks – Fixed an issue where Panam wasn’t present in front of the garage and spawned inside the motel instead.
  • Machine Gun – Fixed an issue where the dialogue with Skippy wasn’t activated after performing 50 kills, and it wasn’t then possible to unequip Skippy.
  • Never Fade Away – Fixed an issue where Rogue despawned from the couch in the Atlantis, blocking progress.
  • Only Pain – Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to complete the “Defeat the cops” objective because the cops weren’t present at the intended location.
  • Play It Safe – Fixed an issue where holograms and platforms in the parade disappeared after an Auto Save was loaded.
  • Play It Safe – Fixed an issue where Takemura didn’t call to start the parade mission.
  • Pyramid Song – Fixed an issue where Judy teleported underground after entering the church.
  • Search and Destroy – Takemura will now move to his hiding spot instead of standing in the middle of the room during Arasaka’s attack.
  • Sex on Wheels – Fixed an issue where the Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech spawned underground, blocking progress.
  • Small Man, Big Mouth – Enemies and the van now spawn correctly.
  • The Heist – Fixed an issue where Jackie wasn’t present in front of the Afterlife.
  • With a Little Help from My Friends – Fixed an issue where the Nomads weren’t present at the train station.

Open World

  • Fixed some instances where some gigs were stuck in the “Undiscovered” stage and didn’t start after approaching the area.
  • Fixed an issue where regular subtitles appeared instead of overhead subtitles for some crowd NPCs in Rancho Coronado.
  • Gig: Bloodsport – V will no longer be reflected standing backwards when looking in the mirror in the dojo bathroom.
  • Gig: Last Login – Fixed an issue where it was possible to pick up the quest item before the quest was activated, breaking the flow of the mission.
  • Gig: Going-away Party – Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to get in the car with Flavio.
  • Gig: Guinea Pigs – All the security robots in the hotel now properly engage in combat.
  • Gig: On a Tight Leash – Fixed an issue that could cause the gig to be stuck without an objective after completing it.
  • Gig: Serial Suicide – Fixed an issue where the quest could reactivate again after completion and become stuck on the “Steal the CCTV footage” objective.
  • Reported Crime: Blood in the Air – Fixed an issue where the quest was stuck on the “Search the crate” objective even after searching the crate.
  • Reported Crime: Comrade Red – Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to search the stash.
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  • Fixed an issue where, while transferring money or data, the UI showed the “Enemy hack in progress” text.
  • Fixed an issue where devices could become unusable after opening the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the FSR toggle wasn’t grayed out after restarting the game with Dynamic Resolution Scaling on.


  • Fixed an issue where some surfaces had color artifacts when Path Tracing was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where bright, colorful flashes appeared at the edges of certain objects when DLSS was enabled.

PC Specific

  • Fixed a crash that occurred on launch when using Razer Chroma.
  • Fixed an issue where Photo Mode screenshots could appear as empty files and brought them back to their original folder location.
  • Improved performance of DLSS Frame Generation on AMD CPUs.

Console Specific

  • Changed the number of available save slots on Xbox to 20 for manual saves and 10 for Point of No Return saves. Players who have a number of saves that exceeds the new save limit will need to delete some saves to be able to create new saves.
  • Addressed an issue affecting performance on Xbox Series X|S after playing for an extended period of time.


  • Photo Mode stickers and frames will now properly appear on screenshots.
  • Padre will now recognize Corpo and Nomad V in the intro holocall.


  • Allowed deploying mods from a listing file.
  • Updated command help texts.

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