Crime O’Clock Launches on PC and Mac!

Crime O'Clock

Crime O’Clock, the exciting new game from Bad Seed and Just For Games, is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac! Plus, there are some fantastic new features to enjoy!

Discover the Five Villains

In Crime O’Clock, you’ll come face-to-face with Five Villains, each with their own special abilities. Will you be able to outsmart them and solve the cases? Check out the Launch Trailer to get a glimpse of what’s in store!

RAGE: Don’t let his manipulation get to you!

OBLIVION: Keep an eye on him, he’s a master of shapeshifting!

LEGACY: Time travel brings unpredictable consequences!

CHIMERA: Beware of her presence, she can alter reality!

AVATAR: Fractal Matrices may sound complicated, but you’ll understand when you encounter her!

New Features on Steam

The Steam release of Crime O’Clock brings even more to the table. Get ready for:

  • More Fulcrum Stories
  • Steam Achievements
  • Simplified Chinese localization

What are you waiting for? Head over to Steam and grab your copy now for a 15% launch discount! But be quick, this offer only lasts for a week!

For more information and to add Crime O’Clock to your Steam wish list, visit the official website here.

About Crime O’Clock

In Crime O’Clock, you play as a time detective tasked with solving crimes that shouldn’t have happened. Use your keen observational skills to investigate cases across different eras and uncover the truth.

Each map presents a unique challenge, with multiple time markers to visit and clues to uncover. As you solve cases, the map changes and new adventures await.

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With the help of EVE, an advanced AI, you’ll have access to useful tools and guidance throughout your investigation. Deductive thinking, action sequences, and puzzle mechanics all come into play as you uncover the secrets of Crime O’Clock.

Crime O’Clock is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac. Don’t wait, start investigating today!

Crime O’Clock

Publisher: Just For Games
Developer: Bad Seed
Genre: Investigation / Hidden Object Gamer
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, MAC
Release date: June 30 2023 (Switch) / July 21 (PC/MAC)

About Bad Seed

Bad Seed is an Italian game studio known for their innovative games. With Crime O’Clock, they’ve created a fully immersive crime travel investigation game set on gargantuan maps. Keep an eye out for their future releases!

About Just For Games

Just For Games is a leading global video game publisher and distributor. They bring the largest catalog of video games, retro-gaming hardware, and vinyl gaming soundtracks to French retail. With a focus on expanding the reach of video game IP beyond traditional channels, Just For Games is a name to watch out for.

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