Building A Budget Gaming PC In 2021

Budget Gaming PC In 2021

It is all too easy spend a lot of money combining the very latest cutting edge GPU, processors, storage and memory, not to mention 8K screen displays, keyboards, game controllers and more components, when creating gaming PC. If your budget simply knows no limits, then by all means go ape.

But when it comes to a budget gaming PC then there are always going to be extreme constraints to what you can afford to put into the build.

The good news is that to get a very capable gaming rig, you don’t have to spend an absolute motza, especially if you plan your purchases well and make the most of each dollar you spend. Building a very capable VR ready unit for under $1,400 is extremely doable buy you are going to reach a few visual limitations that will not apply to those systems builds that have higher budgets. Then what are the main factors to consider when building a budget gaming PC?

Don’t buy all of it all at once is a huge tip. This allows you to save by waiting for components and parts to fall in price. Component prices always drop over time, so you win big there and being patient also makes it possible for you to take full advantage of sales for just about any component or accessory you might need.

While you wait for your GPU of choice to dip in price, you can always safely store away the bargain CPU you scored.

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Think About Future Proofing

It is more challenging when you purchase budget components, when older motherboards may not support future processors as well, but one of the advantages of building your own gaming PC is that you can perform updates or upgrades in the future to keep your gaming rig moving along.

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That is as long as those improvements can be carried on your rig, so carefully review motherboard and processor roadmaps before making your purchasing choices.

In this respect, AMD is usually a little more friendly than Intel to the budget consumer.

OS Selection

Yes Steam does support for Linux, but there is a smaller range of available games, and on the Mac side of the equation, the same is true. The demand for Hackintoshes is likely to dry up very soon, with macOS going all ARM with macOS Big Sur. That means your OS of system of choice is Windows 10, and if you are building a new PC, you will need to budget for the cost of your operating system.

AMD vs Intel

With both Intel and AMD vying for gaming PC dollars this will be a balancing act and will likely come down to what you is available and at what price it is available at.  However but talking generally,  with its Ryzen processor lines, AMD has catered for the budget market a just little better than what Intel has done with their core equivalents, which are usually priced a bit more expensivly. On the side of the coin however, for gaming tasks at the higher end, Intel’s CPUs usually overclock and give better performance.

AMD vs Intel

HDDs: SSD vs Mechanical Drives

In terms of price and performance, we have very really moved to SSDs for gaming system builds but we realise it can be tempting to use a cheaper mechanical hard drive. If you intend to have loads of games installed at any time then it can be tempting to purchase the higher capacities that a mechanical drive will have for a similar amount of money. But doing this will get you a very heavy performance penalty on your entire gaming machine which is a price most gamers won’t want to pay.

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