Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch Unleashes Glitches Galore

baldur's gate 3

The recent patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 has introduced a multitude of fixes and enhancements, addressing various issues and aiming to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Players can now expect improved stability, with fewer glitches and crashes during dialogue and combat. Character appearance issues have also been resolved, preventing clothing and undergarment clipping problems.

Additionally, adjustments to multiplayer servers ensure a smoother online gaming experience.

However, amidst these positive changes, concerns regarding layoffs and unionization efforts within the gaming industry persist, reflecting the challenges faced by game developers.

Key Takeaways

  • The patch fixes various issues including player getting stuck in dialogue and potential crashes during gameplay and dialogue.
  • The patch also addresses rendering issues on Vulkan and wrong refresh rates when the game is not in fullscreen.
  • Additional multiplayer servers and server scaling support have been added to improve multiplayer experience.
  • The article also mentions industry news and trends including layoffs and grievances faced by game developers and the growing momentum of unionization efforts in the gaming industry.

Patch Fixes and Improvements

baldur's gate 3

There are a total of 13 patch fixes and improvements in Baldur’s Gate 3, addressing various issues such as dialogue glitches, crashes, rendering problems, and gameplay bugs.

These fixes aim to enhance the overall player experience and improve the stability of the game. Some of the key improvements include resolving issues that caused players to get stuck in dialogue or experience crashes when reloading savegames made mid-dialogue.

Additionally, the patch fixes a crash caused by the UI and addresses rendering issues on Vulkan when minimizing the game. The update also introduces additional multiplayer servers and server scaling support, improving the multiplayer experience for players.

Other fixes involve addressing gameplay bugs such as infinite loops with spells and ensuring that enemies on different floors do not enter combat with each other.

These patch fixes and improvements contribute to making Baldur’s Gate 3 a more polished and enjoyable game for players.

Gameplay Fixes


Among the numerous fixes and improvements introduced in the latest patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, several crucial gameplay issues have been addressed.

One of the notable fixes is the resolution of an infinite loop problem with spells like Minor Illusion. This issue caused the game to get stuck and hindered the player’s progress.

Additionally, the patch has resolved the problem where necromites were not joining combat with Ketheric, and enemies on the upper floor of Moonrise were not entering combat with those on the lower floor.

These fixes enhance the overall gameplay experience and ensure smoother progression for players. By addressing these crucial gameplay issues, the developers have taken a significant step towards improving the overall quality and enjoyment of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Character Appearance Fixes


One notable fix in the latest patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 addresses an issue where male gnome sorcerers were missing their undies, improving the overall character appearance.

This fix ensures that the male gnome sorcerers in the game will now be properly dressed, enhancing the visual experience for players.

Character appearance is an important aspect of any role-playing game, as it allows players to immerse themselves in the game world and connect with their chosen characters.

By addressing this glitch, the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 have demonstrated their commitment to providing a polished and visually appealing gaming experience.

This fix, along with other character appearance improvements, contributes to the overall quality and enjoyment of the game.

Engine Improvements


Several key improvements have been made to the game’s engine in the latest patch of Baldur’s Gate 3. These improvements include addressing issues such as savegame corruption, potential crashes, rendering issues on Vulkan, and wrong refresh rates.

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One of the major improvements is the removal of the version number below the minimap. This change provides a cleaner and more streamlined interface for players.

Additionally, the patch has fixed issues related to savegame corruption. This ensures that players can continue their game without any data loss.

Potential crashes that occurred during the saving process have also been resolved, enhancing the overall stability of the game.

Furthermore, rendering issues on Vulkan, a graphics API, have been addressed. This has resulted in improved visual performance.

Lastly, the patch has fixed the problem of wrong refresh rates when the game is not running in fullscreen mode. This provides a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Game-breaking Glitches

baldur's gate 3baldur's gate 3baldur's gate 3baldur's gate 3

Numerous game-breaking glitches have been unleashed in the latest patch of Baldur’s Gate 3, causing significant disruptions to gameplay and posing serious challenges for players. These glitches have been reported across various aspects of the game, ranging from dialogue issues to crashes and rendering problems.

Players have encountered situations where they get stuck in dialogue, experience crashes when reloading savegames made mid-dialogue, and are unable to enter certain areas if a save was made while a prompt was on the screen. Additionally, crashes caused by the UI, saving during combat, and listening to dialogues in multiplayer have also been reported.

These glitches not only hinder the overall experience but also affect the stability of the game’s user interface, rendering, and savegame functionality.

Multiplayer Issues

Despite the patch’s attempts to address various glitches, Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to face significant multiplayer issues.

Players have reported experiencing frequent disconnections during multiplayer sessions, disrupting their gameplay and causing frustration.

Additionally, there have been reports of lag and latency issues, resulting in delayed actions and unresponsive gameplay.

The matchmaking system also seems to be flawed, as players often encounter difficulties in finding and joining multiplayer games with their friends.

These persistent multiplayer issues undermine the overall gaming experience and hinder the enjoyment of the game’s cooperative features.

It is crucial for the developers to prioritize addressing these problems to ensure a smooth and seamless multiplayer experience for Baldur’s Gate 3 players.

Savegame Corruption Problems

While the recent patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 aimed to fix various glitches and improve gameplay, it has unfortunately introduced a concerning issue of savegame corruption.

Players have reported instances where their save files have become corrupted, rendering them unable to continue their progress in the game. This problem has caused frustration among the player community, as they invest significant time and effort into their playthroughs, only to have their progress wiped out due to the corruption issue.

The developers are aware of the problem and have acknowledged it as a high-priority issue that needs to be addressed. They have assured players that they are working diligently to find a solution and are actively investigating the root cause of the savegame corruption problem.

In the meantime, players are advised to regularly back up their save files to avoid losing their progress.

Rendering and Refresh Rate Troubles

The latest patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 has resulted in several issues pertaining to rendering and refresh rates within the game. Players have reported rendering problems on Vulkan when minimizing the game, causing visual glitches and inconsistencies.

Additionally, there have been reports of wrong refresh rates being displayed if the game is not running in fullscreen mode, leading to a suboptimal gaming experience for players.

These troubles with rendering and refresh rates have been a source of frustration for many players, as they can disrupt the immersive gameplay and hinder the overall enjoyment of the game.

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The developers are aware of these issues and are actively working on fixing them to provide a smoother and more visually appealing experience for players in future patches.

Furthermore, the recent layoffs and severance grievances at Keywords Studios and BioWare have raised concerns about the treatment of game developers, highlighting the growing momentum of unionization efforts within the gaming industry.

Keywords Studios, a leading provider of technical and creative services to the video game industry, reportedly laid off unionized developers who were working on the highly anticipated game, Dragon Age. This action has sparked outrage and calls for better protection of workers’ rights.

In addition, BioWare, the renowned developer of Dragon Age, is also facing severance grievances, further adding to the concerns. These incidents shed light on the challenges faced by game developers, including job insecurity and lack of adequate support.

As a result, there is an increasing push for unionization within the gaming industry to advocate for fair treatment, better working conditions, and job stability for developers.

Challenges Faced by Game Developers

Given the complexity and intricacy of modern video games, game developers often encounter a multitude of challenges that can impact the overall quality and functionality of their creations. One of the main challenges faced by game developers is the constant need to release patches and updates to fix glitches and bugs that may arise after the initial release.

These glitches can range from minor issues, such as graphical glitches or audio bugs, to more serious problems like crashes and game-breaking issues. In addition to fixing glitches, developers also face the challenge of balancing gameplay mechanics and ensuring that the game is enjoyable and challenging for players. This involves extensive playtesting and tweaking of various gameplay elements.

Furthermore, game developers must also keep up with rapidly evolving technology and industry trends to stay competitive in the market.


In conclusion, the recent patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 has successfully addressed numerous issues and provided significant improvements to the game. This includes enhancing stability, gameplay balance, and character appearance.

Despite these positive changes, the gaming industry continues to face challenges. Concerns regarding layoffs and unionization efforts persist, raising important issues that need to be recognized and addressed.

It is important for developers and the gaming community to recognize these challenges and work towards finding solutions. By fostering a more sustainable and inclusive industry, we can ensure a better future for both developers and players alike.

Initial release date: 2023
Developer: Larian Studios
Composer: Borislav Slavov
Publisher: Larian Studios

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