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EB Games To Close Up to 19 Stores In Australia

EB Games To Close Up to 19 Stores In Australia

.. #EBGames to close (unprofitable) shops around #Australia — Pop Cultured✖🇦🇺 (@PopCultured4) January 9, 2020 EB Games have announced that they are closing down some 19 of their stores across Australia. These closures are set to occur in weeks. EB Games has sent out an email confirming these store closures to their members.   EB Games is owned by the company GameStop. Gamestop is the biggest video game seller in the world but the company has experienced a sharp decline in sales over the past few years. […]

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Everything we know about the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan finally confirmed the name of the next PlayStation console and when we will get our hands on it. In a blog post, he says the PlayStation 5 will release during the holiday season in 2020. This is the same time period Microsoft gave for the release of the next Xbox, Project Scarlett. Alongside news of the release and name of the console, the Dualshock 5 controller was discussed as well. According to an exclusive piece from Wired, Mark Cerny […]

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Top Video Game Releases in October 2019

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

We are getting ever closer to the time of the year where too many games release and your wallet cries out for help. While not as many huge releases happen this October, there are still more than a few huge video game releases coming this month to get excited about. Here are the top video game releases of the month. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: October 4th Based in the fictional Auroa Archipelago, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the follow up to 2017’s […]

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Sony and Microsoft Need to Adapt their Shows or Cancel Them

Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox

On September 24th, Sony and Microsoft held their streams announcing the biggest news on both platforms for the immediate future. On Sony’s side, The Last Of Us Part II FINALLY had its release date revealed alongside a new story trailer, and Microsoft announced the Project Xcloud Preview. Both are exciting announcements and warrant being on display. The problem, however, is that largely everything else in both shows was a waste of time. If you were to compare either show with any Nintendo Direct from the last couple […]

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WWDC 2019: Everything Apple announced

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference keynote is over and in over the two hours that they were presenting, the tech giant revealed quite a bit of announcements that will get Apple users excited. Here are the things they announced. Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Image from Macworld The newest Mac desktop was revealed to release this fall for $5,999 and the Pro Display XDR for $4,999.The desktop contains an Intel Xeon processor with 8, 12, 16, 24, or 28 cores and 12 DIMM slots that allow […]

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Everything We Can Expect To See At E3 2019


It is almost one of the most exciting times of the year for gamers. E3 is just a few weeks away, and we cannot wait to see what the gaming industry has in store for us over the next year or two. Although we will not see Sony attending the show this year, there are still tons of exciting announcements and reveals we can look forward to this coming June. EA Electronic Arts are kicking off E3 again this year (without being at E3). While they are […]

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Stadia is Google’s Newest Game Streaming Platform

new game streaming platform

Google announced its new game streaming platform at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today. The mega company’s first dip into gaming is called Stadia and will support any Android or Chrome-based device. The service was shown off being able to instantly transfer your play from a laptop, to a phone, to a underpowered PC, to a tablet, to a television with a Chromecast. The translation seemed seamless during the presentation, only taking a few seconds for the person playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to move from […]

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Gmail is 15 Years Old


Google is a company that has been around in the internet era for a long time and will probably be here far after most of us are gone. They have done many things for the internet world, including their take on email. Gmail turned 15 years old this year, and Google took the time to look back at what Gmail used to be and where the service is headed now. How it Started Gmail originally launched on April 1st, 2004, with Google search built right into the […]

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EA States Online Game Streaming Could Eliminate Consoles In The Future

Matt Bilbey,  EA’s new executive vice president of strategic growth states that while game streaming at the moment is being held back by server infrastructure and the limitations that come with it this will likely change in forthcoming years He believes that traditional consoles as they are known will likely give way to Smart TV streaming options with subscriptions similar to what Netflix has except for games where the console actually exists in the smart TV or even just exists on your phone. This will be sad […]

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Is Microsoft Developing Two New Consoles?

Even though no official announcements have been made and the Xbox One X (whose project name was Scorpio) is a relatively new console, it looks like Microsoft is already developing plans for future consoles. Are these projects are the company’s newest gaming undertakings. The project names: Scarlet and Scarlett Cloud won’t be the names given to these two developing consoles they are said to be the project names of Microsoft’s next Xbox hardware devices. At the E3, Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer, implied that Microsoft was working on […]

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