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Your personal tour guide that fits in your pocket  There are many travel iOS apps available on the market that provide information about a location when you’re at that spot. If you haven’t done research beforehand or if you don’t have a local guide then WikiCompass will provide this information for you.  This IOS app places Wikipedia’s huge library onto a map on your device’s screen allowing you to learn more about where you are in real time.  WikiCompass utilizes a GPS signal to determine your location […]

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Top Five Games For IOS

Top Five Games

If you’re bored of the same old games you already have downloaded on your Apple device, or you can’t seem to find something you’d enjoy, then these games could be what you’re looking for. If you fancy a game with narrative depth, puzzles, survival mechanics, or cute animals, then this list has you sorted. Old Man’s Journey Old Man’s Journey is an adventure-puzzle game developed by Broken Rules. Its story portrays loss, life, and hope. An old fisherman receives a message that takes him on a journey […]

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